Paying it Forward: The Need to Inspire Children to Pursue STEM Careers

When it comes to encouraging today’s youth to pursue a stimulating and richly rewarding STEM career, there is much work to be done. In today’s ever-changing economic landscape full of open positions for gifted intellectuals, there are more jobs than individuals capable of filling them. This is where educating today’s children comes into play as a means of bolstering our collective future’s brightness.

Engagement Stimulates the Mind

Educational institutions, particularly for younger individuals, need to reconsider their applied curriculum. By designing courses and programs simply for the sake of passing exams, we’ll never be able to convince youth of STEM careers being worth their time, but rather quite the opposite. By structuring curriculum to inspire and present relevant data in an engaging fashion via project-based learning that encourages problem solving, children will enjoy and be more excited about their learning environment and studies. This will result in a more stimulating and efficient atmosphere certain to more effectively inspire today’s youth to continue STEM studies throughout their primary, secondary, and post-secondary educations.

Strong and Dependable Career Paths

As we rely more on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to further advance modern society every year, it opens up a great deal of rewarding career possibilities. However, there are already more open positions than individuals qualified to fill them. By investing time, attentiveness, and considerable energy in encouraging today’s youth to pursue an interest in STEM education, we will collectively pad out economic inconsistencies, generating a consistent influx of knowledgeable and highly skilled citizens. In-demand, future-proofed, and increasingly relevant STEM career paths enable for enhanced mental stimulation and for these future employees to maximize their intellectual potential.

A Continuous Economic Shift

Even though there aren’t enough skilled STEM adults in society to fill many of the available positions in North America, the economic landscape is continuing to shift towards dependence on them to innovate, create, conceptualize, and make tangible changes. With the onset ever-growing trends of eco-living, tech innovation, humanities, and smart engineering, we’re seeing an economy that is breaking away from previously standardized norms of heavy industry and commercialization anchored by high school educations or, for the privileged, post-secondary education. Essentially, the opportunities for today’s students are there and will remain open for the foreseeable future, and inspiring children to pursue similar career paths through STEM education will help maintain this demand to continually generate employment opportunities and societal support.

Moving forward, every succeeding generation will likely depend increasingly more on STEM-trained individuals to maintain a healthy economy and society. As a result, it is imperative that we inspire today’s youth to think differently. Moving on from busywork and applying stimulating curriculum, they have a better chance of being successful, healthy, and happy citizens of the future.

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