The Applied Cooperative for Education in STEM (ACES) is a collective of business and educational figures possessive of an understanding of STEM’s intricacies and values in modern society. Comprising of industry professionals, mentors, instructors, and education-minded individuals, it was formed as a means of bridging ideas and sharing our collective familiarity of the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics today.

The ACES Mission

This cooperative exists for one primary and absolute purpose: To create and intellectually bolster a community of supportive individuals and industry professionals in education and STEM-related fields. In doing so, we aim to foster greater and more in-depth discussions on the importance of STEM and education that incorporates it to strengthen the skillset of tomorrow’s students.

Education Equates to Prosperity

Through attentive and careful encouragement of STEM education at elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels, students will be more capable of securing rewarding and enriching means of employment that not only benefit themselves, but the whole of society through their intellectual contributions. As technology and scientific breakthroughs continue to ramp up in occurrence and effectiveness towards improving productivity and generating demand, more jobs are becoming available across North America pertaining to STEM-specific skillsets.

Engineering positions to retool existing products for more practical consumption and usage, tech jobs aplenty taking advantage of the ever-changing digital and hardware landscape, scientific fields dealing with medical and developmental innovations, and analytical positions dealing in complex mathematics and coding to improve societal efficiency and minimize our impact on the environment are specific examples of STEM applied to real-world employment opportunities. Skilled worker numbers are lower, creating incredible demand and a drive for fresh minds that can improve the industrial, business, scientific, engineering, and medical landscapes.

Employment in logistics, human resources, sales and marketing, manufacturing, office and administration, finance and accounting, technology and engineering is readily available in Canada and the United States, and an education in STEM acts as the quintessential gateway towards it. According to the U.S. Department of Education, all U.S. STEM positions will increase 14% from 2010-2020, creating millions of jobs. Therefore, the time to act is now.

The Gender Gap and STEM

The result of baby boomers retiring and positions opening means that there has been little improvement in regards to gender parity in the workplace, evidenced by this study indicating that North America is now the lowest-performing region as the economic gender gap has only increased by 1% since 2006. Through encouragement, education, and standardized support of STEM skills for both men and women, with equal consideration given in regards to the incredible capabilities of skilled workers regardless of gender, this can be altered dramatically. It is yet another reason why ACES and our platform for STEM is so important to help change the world for the better.

With all of these details in mind, the time has come to produce ample intellectual discussion and mentorship of the importance of STEM and modernizing our education systems. While great efforts have already been made, there is still more we can do collectively to help create highly skilled workers in both genders that contribute towards a more prosperous and healthier society.