5 Careers in STEM You Didn’t Know Existed

Many don’t realize the sheer variety of available careers that make use of STEM skills. With many of them producing plenty of open positions and few qualifying individuals available, there are many richly rewarding and stimulating opportunities readily available. Here are a few careers in STEM that you might not know existed.

Naval Architect

Engineering is more in-demand than ever before as we modernize and grow across the planet as a species, and the transporting of goods and passengers along sea routes remains a highly lucrative and useful tool in modern society. Pursuing a career as a naval architect enables for practical use of highly analytical and methodological abilities formed by a STEM education. Additionally, it enables for a creative and exciting working atmosphere that contributes towards enhancing the effectiveness and relevance of everything from sea trade to passenger shipping.

Flavour Technologist

Utilizing natural and artificial ingredients to create the perfect taste, these scientists are literally the faces behind your favourite snack foods and beverages. Often, they travel to study ingredients and flavours in their natural habitats, and by utilizing their high-level chemistry and biology skills, they can turn a passion for great taste into a lucrative art form.

Ethical Hacker

Usually officially certified by financial institutions, various corporations, and even government agencies, ethical hackers make use of meticulously refined computer and software programming skills to identify network infrastructure and system architecture vulnerabilities. They are paid well to identify security issues and fix them accordingly as a means of protecting organizations from unwanted criminal infiltration.


History buffs and admirers of our planet’s largest natural resource would do well in choosing a career as an oceanographer. Contracted by government agencies and various organizations to explore the depths of the world’s vast oceans, they typically experience an invigorating and exciting career that uncovers ancient history and helps us better understand the inner workings of our collective environment. An example of an exciting career in oceanography is that of Dr. Robert Ballard, who in 1985 discovered the wreck of the RMS Titanic in the middle of the North Atlantic. He is now a celebrity in his own right, giving stimulating talks about his many shipwreck expeditions including those to the USS Thresher and RMS Lusitania.

Nanotechnology Engineer

These gifted experts work to manipulate materials at the molecular or atomic level to innovate and generate scientific progress towards a more sustainable future. Nanotechnology is explored in many forms including fabrics, drug therapy, vehicle engineering, and health sciences. Expect incredible career prospects, as the collective value of nanotechnology is expected to reach approximately $1 trillion – 5 percent of the United States’ GDP — by 2020.

As our world and its economy continue to evolve and shift towards STEM-focused change, so does demand for skilled workers with sufficient qualifications to innovate and help shape our future. By exploring these and the countless other available STEM careers in modern society, you’ll discover that your own individual future has never been brighter.

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