Education is crucial to the development and betterment of modern society, and here at the Applied Cooperative for Education in STEM (ACES), we are driven by the importance of expanding minds and broadening horizons. By educating one another, we’re developing a solid foundation on which to build a sound and successful future.

What is STEM?


Through the careful instruction of proper research and analytical components, we can gain a deeper understanding of scientific benefits. This assists in developing new cures for diseases and ailments, health studies, accurate environmental data gathering, and beneficial scientific results.


Learning to adapt with and better utilize technology is of paramount importance in regards to finding employment in a modern career. By developing a firm comprehension and grasp of hardware, software, and device operation, we can streamline our working lifestyles more quickly.


Learning the mechanics of various tools and pieces of equipment is vital in order to be able to maintain our society. Through education on the repair, maintenance, and upkeep of important components, we can be better prepared for an uncertain future.


In order to progress as a species and make more effective contributions towards the betterment of our impact on the world, education in mathematics is a must. By understanding important equations and number-crunching procedures, our increasingly complex world will be easier to live and work in.

Support the Initiative

As a cooperative, we are dedicated to furthering knowledge and education on the importance of STEM education. Our world is advancing at such a fast pace and it is important that our future generations and leaders are equipped with the skills we will need to continue to grow. Every person that supports the cause for legislative and systemic support for STEM education plays a role in shaping a bright future for our world. Help spread the word!

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Why is STEM a Vital Aspect of the Future?

By educating society in these four major disciplines, we develop a population that is more readily prepared to face complex problems and overcome them with relative ease. A STEM-educated individual could see complicated processes or procedures that would otherwise overwhelm us as a challenge rather than a barrier, and the encouragement of this mindset and harnessing of knowledge is a crucial aspect of developing a positive future. In the age of dramatic climate change, intensive medical and scientific research, and booming tech business, it is imperative that society produces enough adequately trained and prepared individuals that can continue to push boundaries and contribute towards a brighter future. In essence, knowledge really is power.

What are the Benefits of being STEM-Educated?

Individuals who are dedicated enough to amass a solid understanding of the four STEM disciplines generally receive governmental grants and incentives, as well as field placements, internships, and contract-based employment relative to specialized fields of study. In addition, higher-paying employment in a career-based environment is available to those who are more highly educated, and an endless variety of advancement opportunities are available to those who push themselves and make the most use of their minds. All of this culminates in vastly increased financial security and healthier living conditions, and many high-paying careers focusing on STEM-specific skills offer a bevy of health and retirement-focused benefits. In short, gaining a stronger education in STEM enables for a more productive, happier, and more financially stable lifestyle. In addition, you’ll be more capable of giving back to society and loved ones, providing helpful services through the application of your knowledge and modernized skills.

What is the Purpose of ACES?

ACES functions to serve as a platform on which STEM-focused content can be shared with web users. It is our hope that important skills and knowledge will be passed on to visitors to this site, helping to expand their minds and serve as an inspiration. If even one user considers opting for higher education through happening upon ACES and STEM-related content, we’ll have achieved our goal. A proper and sound education in science, technology, engineering, and math skills serves as the key to the door for a better future. As our population continues to grow, it is important that we make full use of the resources readily available and enrich our minds. In turn, we’ll enrich society as a whole.

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